Monday, March 9, 2015

Training Academy

During my recent trip to Disneyland, I decided I would do things I'd never done before while I was there. After all, I was starting fresh. A year ago, I was at Disneyland with a prince, and frankly everything from that trip is foggy, except for that face. This year, I would see shows and volunteer and be involved. I would take the chance to do things that I wanted to do. 

Items on this list included: 
✔️Ride the train all the way around ✔️Disneyland
✔️Go to the Innoventions Hall
✔️Meet Captain America
✔️Iron Man suit-up in the Innoventions Hall
✔️See the Mickey & the Magical Map show
✔️Whoop some major ass at Midway Mania
✔️Two or more different Star Tours scenes 
✔️Dinner at the Blue Bayou
✔️Ask about the Dream Suite 
...and last but definitely not least... 
✔️Jedi Training Academy

Let's get to the point - I REALLY wanted to do the Jedi Training Academy, so I conveniently planned to have lunch at the terrace before show time. 

I was so excited I could hardly eat lunch, and I kept fidgeting in my seat (which slightly annoyed those with me). The photographer roped off the middle aisle way in preparation for the show, and kids with their families chattered excitedly among the swooshing zings of invisible light sabers. 

Then... The music. You know the music. You can hear it playing right now. Out burst the cloaked Jedi masters, confidently breezing through the aisle, faces covered, arms folded all the way to the stage where they stood tall and still like statues until they were announced. 

YES. This is AMAZING. I don't even remember being this excited at my senior prom or graduation from college even. ️Jedi Master #1 started on about picking trainees for the academy, and I was eagerly hopping with my hand raised. I didn't give a shit that there were adults staring. Who cares? This is DISNEYLAND. The happiest place on earth... And this was making me happy in that moment. I want an awesome full length cloak to start my Jedi training in, damn it! 

So... You can imagine my disappointment when a blonde actress comes over and tells me that if I'm not between the ages of four and twelve I should sit down since I would not be getting picked. 

Ouch. Like a knife to the heart. Then to top it off, Storm Troopers come running in while Darth Vader rises from a platform under the stage. Smoke effects and all. Damn it. This was the only time I can remember wishing I was under twelve. 

Without missing a beat, I pulled up an old picture on my phone of me and my little brother in a special effects photo; his face in place of Hayden Christensen, and mine in place of Natalie Portman's. "LOOK. How about now?!" 

The blonde girl was speechless. "Well. I do apologize your majesty. Looks like you've mastered time traveling like the rest of the cast."

I could hardly keep from giggling and I could tell she was torn between staying in character, laughing, and running away. In retrospect I probably shouldn't have told her I'd come back to the next show with a kid who could be in it, which I did quickly regret and ran away. 

The many adventures over here.  

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